Aivars Flemings

Aivars Flemings is the President of the Executive Board at VALPRO, one of the largest metal working companies in the Baltics.

The company run by Aivars Flemings manufactures metal cans, fire extinguisher cylinders and cylinders for various systems, as well as performs the inspection and conformity reassessment evaluation of gas cylinders. Aivars Flemings is a professional with a broad vision, paying great attention to matters of quality, manufacturing efficiency, energy efficiency and innovation in everyday work. Aivars Flemings supports the need to organise exchanges of experience between companies from different sectors and countries. Therefore, while managing VALPRO, he has participated in various experience exchange projects both in Latvia and abroad and is happy to share experience, knowledge and VALPRO solutions on a variety of issues. In order to gain new experience and ideas, Aivars Flemings is also a member of several associations related to the fields of metal working, export and economics, such as the Association of Mechanical Engineering and Metalworking Industries (a member of the Council), the Vidzeme Regional Council of the Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Federation of Security and Defence Industries of Latvia (a member of the Council), etc. Because of his experience and knowledge, he is often invited to participate in various forums on issues of the implementation of innovation, energy efficiency and manufacturing efficiency, the latter of which have been the World Latvian Economics and Innovation Forum and the forum for entrepreneurs Can Business Nowadays Afford NOT to Be Energy Efficient. Aivars Flemings has also engaged in developing a common direction of the education system and the business environment, in cooperation with the closest vocational and higher education institutions. To combine the theory and practice of educational programmes, Aivars Flemings is also part of the Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences and Valmiera Vocational Training Centre convention. Aivars Flemings has more than ten years of experience in the financial sector – he has been the vice-president and board member of DnB NORD Bank AS. In his work, he has implemented banking strategy and various business activities, focusing on stability and the positive impact of change on business.