Roberts Dlohi

Peruza is smart budget equipment specialist for processing. Since beginning until present day we offer great mechanical engineering solutions. For the last 13 years Robert Dlohi has been a member of the board of PERUZA company, which designs and manufactures production equipment.

Before that, for 6 years, he was a member of the board of Severstallat, a company engaged in the wholesale and production of steel products. Roberts Dlohi holds a Master’s degree in Engineering Science, as well as a Master’s degree in Business Administration (MBA) from RTU Riga Business School. In recent years, PERUZA, the designer and manufacturer of production equipment, has been increasingly testing its strengths in industries other than fish processing equipment. 10 projects of automated production lines have already been successfully implemented. The technologies developed by the company have been appreciated not only by European companies, but also by fish processing plants in Iceland, the Faroe Islands, South America, Africa, the Philippines, and even Japan and China. Southeast Asia is a region where PERUZA sees an opportunity to expand, as this region has great potential, says Robert Dlohi, Chairman of the Management Board. PERUZA is an innovative engineering company – a production equipment design office and a manufacturing plant. Especially extensive experience has been gained in creating fish processing equipment. PERUZA exports about 90% of its equipment worldwide under its own brand and bearing a Latvian flag.