Five reasons to join the Forum

  1. Meet and build new business relationships with local and international suppliers to strengthen your competitiveness in a market. Nearly 4/5 of the Latvia’s engineering sector’s total output is exported to approximately 100 countries around the world. Latvia can become also your launchpad to global market.
  2. Source solutions, contract manufacturing services and product development. Besides the state of art 3D printing center in Riga and innovative vacuum coating systems and processes, Latvia with the project CAMART² will have the European Level Regional Centre of Material Research and Technology Transfer that will improve training of specialists in the field of nano-materials, photonics and high technologies.
  3. Learn from industry professionals who will reveal their success stories. In the recent years foreign and homegrown companies like Peruza, Akg Thermotechnik Lettland, UAV Factory, Bucher Municipal, Axon Cable are achieving growth and reaching global export markets from Latvia.
  4. Visit Latvian manufacturing plants, engineering education institutions and inspiring startups.
  5. Find a location for your new development or production expansion project and meet LIAA investment team.


Interesting facts on engineering in Latvia

80% of engineering industry output  is exported to more than 100 countries

The world famous subminiature camera Minox was invented in Latvia by Walter Zapp

Latvia has the highest percentage of female engineers with 30% in Europe

Latvia company Sidrabe has been developing vacuum coating systems and processes since 70’s

Tradition of excellence in engineering

The Latvian mechanical engineering and metalworking industry goes back a long way and is a cornerstone of today’s economy. At the beginning of the 20th century, Latvian companies were producing railway carriages, trams, turbines, various types of agricultural machinery, bicycles and a range of different metalworking products. During the 1930s, companies built ships, manufactured cars, buses and lorries; even the production of airplanes was attempted. While in 1960’s the Latvian innovator Janis Robins together with Larry Toriello co-invented the coldbox process for high production coremaking, which Germany’s Daimler-Benz foundry in Mannheim first ran for automotive parts and John Deere Silvas Foundry, IL, first used for mass-production in North America.

Today steadily growing number of foreign companies are recognizing the benefits of acquiring supply partners, outsourcing production or directly investing in Latvia’s machinery manufacturing and metalworking industry. An educated and well-trained workforce – Latvia’s well-established education system allows professional and shop-floor staff to compete in today’s global market.


Why is Latvia attractive for investors?

Well, there are quite a few reasons. To start , Latvia’s treasure are its people and their skills that make up Latvia’s highly competitive labour force. Did you know that Latvia ranked #3 across the Europe in wage adjusted labour productivity? To add, Latvia has one of the most competitive tax systems in the EU and EFTA, for example, there is 0% tax on reinvested profits and tax rebates for investments in R&D. While the companies operating in one of the five Special Economic Zones in Latvia can benefit from tax rebates like the 80% rebate on corporate tax. The metalworking sector has a long tradition in Latvia, pre-dating the Soviet era and continuing with a number of global companies like Schneider Electric (GER), Axon Cable (FRA), Artex (SWE) choosing Latvia as a base for manufacturing. We are particularly proud of our foreign investor’s success stories who chose to grown their international businesses in Latvia. Being in the middle of the Baltic-Nordic regions means that you can reach Western Europe, Scandinavia, Russia and CIS countries from one point! And last but not least – Latvia is the technology forward-looking country and we offer Technology transfer grants for public research institutions to turn academic research results into market-ready technologies and products.


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Innovative Dry Bulk Handling Technology / Rīgas universālais termināls Ltd

Please contact Investment Department for information on the potential investment project:

Ģirts Blumers
Head if Investment Promotion Division
Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA)
Address: 2 Perses Street, Riga, LV-1442, Latvia

 What are we good at?

Machinery and equipment

Main products:


  • -Woodworking and forestry machinery: Machinery, tools and equipment for sawmills; log sorting and transportation lines; forestry machinery
  • -Pharmaceutical and medical equipment
  • -Spectrometric analysis equipment
  • -Food processing industry: Design, production and assembling of equipment, automation solutions and steel structures
  • -Equipment and machinery for multiple applications: Vacuum technologies; food processing; chemical and pharmaceutical industry, agriculture
  • -Process automation solutions


Leading companies:



Latvijas Finieris IR

Tehnika Auce




Automotive and components

Main products:


  • -Agriculture machinery and equipment
  • -Automotive assembly and innovation
  • -Plastic injection moulding
  • -Manufacture of rubber components


Leading companies:




Bucher Municipal

Baltijas Gumijas Fabrika

High-tech and technology start ups

Main products:


  • -Plastics, polymers and composite materials
  • -Development and production of 3D printing equipment
  • -Manufacture of electrical machinery and apparatus
  • -Microwave Data transmission equipment


Leading companies:



UAV Factory









Main products:


  • -Full range of specialized metal processing services; parts, components and (sub) assemblies, turning and milling, sheet metal processing,
  • -Solutions for energy sector


Leading companies:




East Metal







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